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Monday, August 22, 2011

Lyneley - crazy Saturday

There are many reason why I love crazy quilting. One of the main reasons being that every one's crazy is unique to them - like a fingerprint.

We all have our own stitch size that we like to work with, our own sense of colour and creativeness.

Everyone one of the 30 girls that I am fortunate enough to teach each month - have their own "style" of crazy.

Even if they see a "seam treatment" on another girls work that they copy - it NEVER is the same. Which is what I love................

It is one of the main reasons that I do not teach with notes - it's way better if the girls come up with their own take on a stitch combination.

This work belongs to Lyneley - who travels quite a way to come to the classes..............

This is her first "attempt" at crazy quilting!!!!

Lyneley and Sandra have been friends for many, many years - and now share "crazy" banter with each other - it's always a fun day when they are on "form".............

Sue spent her time choosing colours for her next project......

I am looking forward to our lunch next month, girls!!!!!

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