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Friday, April 4, 2014

Emotional - thats how I feel.............

I have to be honest, I often feel very emotional when I see the work that is done by my "students". It is evident from their work that they have thoroughly enjoyed the process of crazy quilting. I have often said that one of the main reasons I love crazy quilting is that it is unique to the maker. I have taught the same stitches etc to a class of women and all their work is different - it's almost like a celebration of their interpretation of the stitches and techniques I have taught them.

So, these very feelings of emotion came over me when I popped into the Caloundra group to oversee the completion of their workshop.

Lenore's work featured in this post - and Suz and Anne's work in the next few posts - is quite wonderful.
Lenore used conquered the oyster stitch and turned them into half flowers along a seam. ribbon roses..................

Bouquet of silk ribbon flowers

............ants, a trellis of sequins and buds. Not to mention the embroidered motif - which was white and Lenore changed it completely with her embroidery!

Oh my gosh..............buttons, sequins, beads etc etc etc
Wonderful work Lenore!!!

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