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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Judith from the "Fat Quarters" workshop.................

Oh, how I love teaching crazy quilting to students who are new to embroidery..............
Judith is a prime example.....................
Her exuberance, both in colour and stitch size, is palpable...........

I also enjoy her sense of freedom..........

and enjoyment............

It's hard to believe that the blocks she is working on are only 6" square.

Filled with embroidery.........

She worked from my book "Foolproof crazy quilting" and my influences are there but stamped with her own style. Beading detail page 30

Judith, like me, LOVES colour...................


The beading detail on the left is found on page 81 (Foolproof crazy quilting)

Well done Judith, I cannot wait to see your work completed.
Thanks for allowing me to share your work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday class - Last Tuesday of the month ..........................last one for the year!

After my walk, I set off to teach the very rowdy Tuesday (double) class.

Bettye, (yes, she is little and yes, her framed crazy is BIG) bought I her completed crazy to show us.  Bettye has been working on this over the past year and a bit.
This photo does not do her work justice. so many hours have gone into creating her masterpiece. Well done Bettye, what an achievement. XX

Valerie also had her framed ZOE on hand.
I worked with some of my students on silk ribbon embroidered initials this year. Lots of fun and with silk ribbon embroidery its quick - instant gratification!

Pretty with some butterflies and ladybugs thrown in for good measure. I am positive that Valerie's granddaughter is going to love it too.

Valerie has completed her sewing caddy - lovely and bright and bold.

This is her back panel.

I made mine a few years ago - using wool.

This my back panel.

Debs is working on a ring cushion for her son's wedding next year.

We are working to create simplicity.

Bettye arrived bearing Christmas gifts for those in the class.

She went to so much trouble - miniature Christmas boxes fill with miniature "stuff".

Karen got started on her crazy elephant.

And Valerie bought in some chocolates to share.

See you all at the Christmas show and tell on the 13th!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Crazy quilting with the "Fat Qaurters"

I am sad to say that my time with the "Fat Quarters" in Maleny is coming to an end. All I can say is that I have so enjoyed my time teaching this friendly group of quilters - sometimes I forget that I am their teacher and not a member of their group.  My 6 months was extended and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

I have a few photos to share - their blocks are not complete but as near as dammit!

This work belongs to Jennifer..........

the quiet one in the group..........

Her work is very pretty................

And she mastered the "b#%$h" stitch !!!

I have a feeling she likes a bit of silk ribbon embroidery......................

and I love her whipped spider web...........

Oh, and her alternating chain!!

Did I say I liked her whipped spider web?? (Page 60 in my book "Foolproof crazy quilting)

Thanks Jen for allowing me to share your lovely work!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Some beautiful crazy quilting and some shamelss self promotion!

I have been sharing this photo from the Amazon site where ever I can. I am a bit excited that my book made it onto the Amazon Editor's Favourite books of the year list!!.

Back to reality - Wendy B has completed her crazy blocks

We have been working on these for about a year..............

Wendy wanted to have this birdcage on her work - the birdcage was a little big - but I suggested she go big with her embroidery round it - it sure did work - its beautiful.

It is such a pity that Wendy will not make the end of year show and tell - I would so love the students to see her work.
 I am off to teach my really crazy Thursday class - wish me luck!!'

Friday, November 7, 2014

Some eyecandy at the Patchwork Angel

The Saturday class was, as usual, filled with lovely people and lots of eye candy.

The embellishment stash packs are filled with goodies perfect for crazy quilting.

Penny at the Patchwork Angel has many different colour combinations available.

They are all gorgeous.

I, unfortunately, did not take very good photos during the class. So here are a few that were not blurry.
Jocaba's feather static.

Silk ribbon flowers.

Debbie's' spider web roses.

And Paula's stash of threads etc.

See you all next month!
Don't forget its our end of year show and tell - so bring your work - finished or WIPS!