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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Felt ball pincushion

Whether I am teaching ...................

.............or working on my own  embroidery or crazy, I always stitch in a hoop.............. fact, it is a hoop on a stand BUT it has a universal joint - so that means I can turn it in any directions - perfect for crazy quilting ( because, as you all know, we need to get to the back of crazy to end off our embroidery, beading etc.)

I am not a purist when it comes to needles - I use two types of needles - milliners/straw and chenille needles. To keep them on hand I made a pincushion from little felt balls. they are perfect, well I think so, anyway. Firstly, they are wool, so the needles will not rust. They are tightly felted so the needles are secure and do not fall out in transit. Plus, they are pretty.

All you need are some felted wool balls.


Small beads and sequins.

Beading threads, small brooch backs and felt leaf shapes.

I start with a few stab stitches or lazy daisies. Once that is done I add some bling! followed by the leaves and the brooch backs.

Last year a made a whole lot of them for my students as a Christmas gift.

I added one to my beading thread station...........

And created this little pincushion for my upcoming book.


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