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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Crazy quilting - Margot - Caloundra workshop

I thought I had deleted these photos of Margot's work. Thank goodness, I found them!!

Whenever I teach an embroidery group I feel a little intimdated. The standard of work done by the members of these groups is of such a high standard - and often the embroiders are "purists" - meaning they like to use a certain type of needle and they prefer to do fine work.

The foundation stitch (ie the first embroidery stitch)  worked on a seam obviously cannot be too small as there will be no room to embellish and add an extra stitch or two. And some for some classic embroiderers increasing their stitch size can be feel foreign.

I knew that Margot was a beautiful embroiderer as I had overheard a few conversations in my class.

What I so love about her work is that she stayed true to her beautiful workmanship but embraced large an expansive stitches.

This is an unfished block- but aren't her ribbon flowers in the left top corner gorgeous?

The blanket pinwheels looks so good creeping over the seam.

Margot obviously has a thing about spiders! Beautiful couched bow too.

The curling feather stitch with flower sequins - so elegant.

I wonder where she purchased all her beautiful charms from?

This block is also a WIP - I am sooooooo looking forward to seeing Margot's work completed.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Getting organised - crazy quilting ...........

The last 7 months have been "crazy" in more ways than one - deadlines, classes, trunk shows  etc. - all very exciting!!

I absolutely love teaching but I also find it quite hard to say goodbye. Some of my students have been coming to my classes for years - and, while I am fortunate to have 99% sign on again for this year - I have said goodbye to one or two students/friends that I have been teaching for 7 years!
Sadly, my time with the Fat Quarters in Maleny, has also come to an end . I was booked to teach a 6 month workshop and ended up teaching them for most of last year! Thankfully, a few of the lovely "Fat Quarters" are joining me at Maleny Magic where  I will be teaching 3 new classes.

My sewing room has been a tip for the 7 months and although I love working in a mess - I feel I need to give it a spring-clean for a fresh start.

We were soooooooo fortunate to have our children home for many weeks over the Christmas holidays - but I still needed to reach deadlines while they were here - which was not ideal.

I absolutely love swimming in the sea - and try and swim most days (regardless of the season or weather) and now I will be able to get back into that routine.

So, I have decided to chill and do a few of my favourite things eg. I just love to hand quilt. I taught my son's girlfriend English Paper Piecing (another of my favourite things). I got to hand quilt if for her once she had completed the top - I realised then just how much I have missed it.

Like most of you I have so many UFO's and that is on my agenda too - to get them done!!! This easy quilt was made about 6 years ago!!

I must have been a good girl because Santa gave me this camera - I have no idea how to use it but I have signed on to do a photography course next weekend.

It feels good to have time to breathe and work on some new ideas for my classes.

And spent more time posting all the beautiful work my students create.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Gorgeous - June - Caloundra workshops

Firstly, I apologise for the poor quality of these photos - but June's work still looks gorgeous.

Her colours work so well together. I always stress in my classes the importance of fabric choice.  It is the most pivotal aspect of crazy quilting .............

Beautiful embroidery will not be seen to its full potential if the colour palette is off.

June has married colour and beautiful embroidery perfectly.

I also have a slight thing about crazy being packed with too much "stuff" .....

I love crazy quilting where the "shape" of blocks have not been compromised by over embellishing ................

Colour, beautiful embroidery and balance - Thank you June for allowing me to share your work.