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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christine's very beautiful crazy

I have beed asked by the very inspiring Inspiration Magazine to design another project for their upcoming edition. I will be very honest and say that I am intimidated by the standard of work featured in this magazine - so, I procrastinate a lot in the design stage - something I don't normally do. However, I have completed it and it went in the mail to Susan on Wednesday. PHEW!

I have so much work still to share from last years classes - so I will try and do them all ASAP.

Let's start with Christine from the Thursday pm class at the Angel.

Her background fabric was navy - so that meant her embroidery was the main feature. As it should be.
I often talk about "clean lines" - Christine has mastered that.
Her herringbone seam treatment is clear and strong.

As is this great interpretation of herringbone in the top right corner.

Beaded back stitch and "bought" roses, not to mention the feather stitch (bottom left).

More beaded backstitch, feather and herringbone.

Great use of charms and buttons.

Whipped chain, straight feather, zigzag chain amongst others. Love it!

Love this one too..............

Ruched ribbon and butterflies in progress.

Her limited colour palette works so well with the solid background.

Thanks for allowing me to share your work, Christine. We will miss you in the class this year.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sew so pretty - Ailsa's crazy...

After a lovely holiday with my family, I am back to teaching crazy and posting beautiful work done by my students.

Ailsa's work is so very pretty............

Fuchsia's, feather and spider web

A very glamorous spider, beading and silk ribbon work.

Fly stitch, beaded daisy chain amongst chevron and lace trims.

Couched ribbon, feather and beaded forget-me-knots........

Love the buttons and the feather with pearls.........

This is sooooo pretty...........

A dragonfly, straight feather and ruched ribbon.

Gorgeous ribbon work.

I left my favourite block till last.

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work, Ailsa.
Hope to see you soon.