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Monday, September 26, 2016

Miniatures and crazy quilting

This is a bit of the embroidery I did on a bag for my mom - wool on wool!

Bettye (Tuesday class) also spends her time making miniatures - look how tiny they are - the pink thimble gives you an idea of the size.

I mean, the strawberries!

Not to mention the prawns, oysters and tarts.

Back to crazy - Marie is making something new - using denim.

As you all know by now that these gorgeous hexies belong to Marie too.

Maureen - our new "virgin" in the class was so very pleased with her roses.

Gail, as usual, is doing something interesting and unique.

Gwen, my "oldest" student (been coming to my classes for over 9 years) is also onto something new.

Pretty hexies.

Very pretty hexies.

Some of my stuff I carry with me from class to class.

See you all soon.
Jenny C

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A book bag

We have this special group that meet every fortnight at my home to "stitch/drink wine"
Letitia loves to write and as it was her birthday I decided to make her a book bag to take to her writing classes.

I dived into my stash of up-cycled men's jackets that I have found at thrift stores.

Found what I wanted and proceeded to remove the lining.

After measuring the book......................keeping the pocket detail.

I needed a few shapes - and I knew where I could find some - my friend Jane - the queen of the UFO's had plenty.

I simply stitched the shapes.

I had a few clamshells left over from the quilt I made for my mother so.............

I added them to the bottom of the bag.

However, my machine stitching was not the tidiest so I added a raggedy herringbone..

That meant I need to add a bit to the other shapes too.

Jane (the UFO queen ) had a lovely yellow and grey spot for the lining.

I made handles form cotton strapping that I found amongst my stash.

The evening was so much fun..........

Mexican theme

And a piñata .

Till next time,

Friday, September 16, 2016

A tea cosy for my Mom

My son and his wife are going on honeymoon to South Africa, so its a perfect opportunity to get a few things made for my Mom.

One of the gifts I made is a tea cosy. I had run out of time so it had to be completed in a day!!

I decided on the background fabric - a French linen - and pulled out some vintage laces etc from my stash.
The tea cosy pattern is from my 2nd book "Foolproof crazy quilt projects".

I started with a simple feather stitch to anchor down the lace - I then added a few lazy daisies with a soft knot followed by colonial knots and more lazy daisies for leaves.

Time to add a doily...................

I couched this down with a few vintage buttons and added more lazy daisies and a blanket stitch using one of my favourite brands of threads; "Chameleon" from South Africa.

The doily on the other side of the cosy was a bit bigger - feather again and more vintage buttons.

Lazy daisy with a soft knot, colonial knots and lazy daisy leaves.

The completed cosy. Wheatear stitch and colonials anchored the lace on the right hand side.

The other side of the cosy.

Up-close; wheatear stitch and buttons.

The smaller of the two doilies and the feather stitch.

I used an insulated wadding to keep the heat in.
Stitched with much love and longing for my Mom.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Best Friends

Elaine and Ellenore have been friends for years. What a pleasure it is to have them in my classes. At the beginning of this year I taught a few students the basics of Brazilian embroidery.
Both Ellenore and Elaine did the same project - but as usual, their work is so different to each other.
Elaine's pincushion


Same stitches ........

Different result.

Both so lovely

...............each unique to the maker.

Gorgeous work.
Thank you for allowing me to share your work. See you soon.
Jenny C